A Group, many solutions.

A skilled staff of designers, equipped with modern and advanced calculation programmes and process and product management systems, the corporate structure in place for more than 10 years, in addition to a new and efficient facility for the production of prefabricated structural components made from pre-tensioned reinforced concrete and other materials, have made it possible for the Group to participate in the construction of many of the principal infrastructures and major public works projects in Italy.

The Group played a significant role in the construction of the exhibition site of EXPO 2015, the Pedemontana Lombarda motorway, the Bre.Be.Mi motorway and the new railway station at Malpensa Airport Terminal 2, whose prefabricated structures were constructed entirely by us.

The Group, with Betoncablo S.p.A., working in close collaboration with STV Castiglioni S.r.l., produces and installs a wide range of prefabricated structural components, pre-tensioned or not, as well as systems able to satisfy the multiple demands of major customers in the construction of road and rail projects as well as general construction projects. In addition to the manufacture of prefabricated supporting walls, abutments, precast tunnel segments and bridge beams, the Group has completed its offer with Enel approved prefabricated electrical substations and related electromechanical fittings and connections, prefabricated reinforced concrete tanks complete with systems for the management and treatment of rainwater and municipal waste water, as well as the management of sewer networks.

The corporate structure, consolidated expertise in managing complex contracts, operational synergy between the various companies in the Group and suppliers selected for specialised works all enable the Group to complete its range of products and solutions, and also to offer “turnkey” contracts.

Since 1963, when it first registered with the National Register of Builders and Contractors, and afterwards with the achievement of SOA certification, the Castiglioni Group has also constructed civil works, urban development works, plants engineering works, and prefabricated reinforced concrete structures on behalf of Public Administration.