Over the course of its history as a highly skilled prefabricator, Betoncablo S.p.a. has developed a system of prefabricated components for the construction of any type of car park and garage with a high standard of quality, to be used for lasting building solutions. The special panel construction system makes it possible to adapt the size of the prefabricated structures  to any design requirement, so that there are no limits in terms of the width or length of each car garage. Once the 3D module has been created, it is possible to create structures in opposing lines, whether above ground or underground, on one or two levels, connected by ramps.

Vertical structures are built from non-separating/fireproof VRC prefabricated panels (class R90) while the horizontal structures are built from prefabricated panels which, depending on project specifications, can be sized with overloads of up to 2000 kg/m2 so that roadways, car parks and roof gardens can be constructed on top. The individual vertical components are assembled on site using mechanical joints and dry joints. With the roof in place, a finishing spray guarantees the monolithicity factor between the vertical and horizontal structures.

A series of accessory components guarantee the completeness of the construction system.