The “monoblock” electrical substations are just one of the products in the range manufactured by the Castiglioni Group, and are particularly requested in cases where there is limited space for installation. In addition, this type of substation further reduces the time required for on-site installation and simplifies handling if it is necessary to move the substation for use in another location.

The side by side installation of multiple prefabricated modules makes it possible to construct prefabricated structures which satisfy the widest range of dimensional requirements and preparation. In addition, the monoblock substations are supplied finished and complete with fittings and systems (when requested by the customer) at the production facility, thus providing the customer a quick, lasting and comprehensive solution that meets their needs.

The standard dimensions of monoblock electrical substations correspond to an external width of 250 cm and an internal height of 230-250 cm, so they can be easily transported by road. The substations are positioned on a prefabricated foundation tank, which is first laid on a single reinforced concrete clean substrate. The foundation elements are supplied with PVC flanges with predetermined fracture toughness pre-installed during casting to house the pre-assembled cable gland system kit. The continuity between the internal and external earthing grid system is achieved using UNI EU-58 steel connectors which are also incorporated in the casting.

The roof is made waterproof by means of a plastomer-polymer bitumen membrane, reinforced with a non-putrefying, isotropic, heat set continuous polyester fibre non-woven fabric which is applied when hot. The interior walls and ceiling are painted white with a synthetic resin based paint, while the exterior walls are treated with a water-repellent plastic covering consisting of synthetic quartz resins.

The monoblock electrical substations comply with Enel DG2092 requirements and unification tables.