The Alar roofing system is designed for building industrial and commercial buildings. Its elegant and harmonious shape conveys a sense of lightness to interiors and diffused zenith lighting.

A large structural mesh created with variable section pillars at staggered intervals, and a streamlined edge beam systemsupport the characteristically clean and streamlined shape of Alar roof tiles with “V” sections and a consistent profile, and can be used for free spans up to 32 lm.

Alar tiles offer a wide range of roof types according to the aesthetic and functional requirements. They can be positioned at an angle to form a macroshed and microshed, and create systems of lighting and ventilation oriented on the vertical axis.

The levels of energy performance, In accordance with the increasingly restrictive energy saving regulations, the energy performance levels are guaranteed by insulating the extrados of the tile with an insulating material  of the appropriate thickness and heat resistance.

The Alar system can easily be integrated with the Scalar system to build prefabricated rooms and staircases.


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