The Faldar double pitched construction system represents the most classic solution of prefabricated building and is traditionally used for roofing on industrial, farm and artisan buildings.

A large structural mesh created with variable section pillars at staggered intervals and saddle joints at the top support a system of double slope beams, which can be used for free spans up to 30 lm. Constant cross-section double ribbed roofing tiles of varying heights rest on the trusses at right angles. This system can be used for centre to centre distances of up 12 lm.

Lateral and central gutters,  canopies and eave overhangs complete the system. The particular design of the system makes it possible to create layered zenith skylights using transparent sheets, shed-type oriented ridge skylights and cupola ventilation systems. The layered structure (10% degree slope) allows the laying of a membrane cover consisting of corrugated metal sheets or corrugated insulated panelling, ideal for supporting and positioning the installation of photovoltaic paving, designed and installed by Group companies.

The Faldar system can easily be integrated with the Scalar system to build prefabricated rooms and stairways. The structural set of elements and components is designed, manufactured and assembled with earthquake resistant connection systems and accessories in accordance with Italian earthquake legislation.


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