The Planar construction system is designed for industrial and commercial buildings having aesthetic, functional and performance requirements demanding roofing having a flat intrados and extrados.
A large structural mesh created with variable section pillars at staggered intervals, and a streamlined edge beam system, support the Planar constant cross-section roofing tiles, and can be used for free spans up to 22 lm.

Planar represents the evolution of the Planar 2 system by optimising its performance and cost. In fact, the constant cross-section of the components, no longer supplied with double pitched trusses, results in a decreased cost of production. It also ensures the construction of waterproof roofing membranes using one to four angled metal roofing sheets, plain or insulated, resting on supporting substructures, also suitable for photovoltaic paving designed and installed by Group companies.

The particular structure of the lower slab (rectangular or trapezoidal) makes it possible to build irregular shaped buildings with oblique sides, with the possibility to create rises and eaves.
The Planar system can easily be integrated with the Scalar system to build prefabricated rooms and staircases.


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