The Castiglioni Group has been working in the pre-tensioned prefabricated reinforced concrete sector since the second half of the ’50s when it was among the first in Italy to start construction and installation of Enel-approved prefabricated electrical transformer substations prefabricated in reinforced concrete.
For over 40 years the Castiglioni Group and BetonCablo SpA, have been producing and installing prefabricated electrical transformer substations prefabricated in vibrated reinforced concrete (VRC) that meet Enel’s most up-to-date technical requirements (Enel-approved substations) and the technical and anti-seismic standards for construction of prefabricated reinforced concrete works on behalf of Enel Distribuzione S.p.A. and private customers. The company is able to build substations of any type and size, both in plan view and height, making use of a highly flexible modular system.
The Group has progressively expanded its range of solutions and products prefabricated in reinforced concrete and presents itself as an operator specialised in the design and construction of prefabricated buildings, reinforced concrete tanks and water treatment systems, car garages and multi-storey carparks, sports centres, automated outdoor self-cleaning public toilets and small technological products.
After recognising an increasingly growing demand for prefabricated infrastructural elements and solutions for prefabricated buildings, also those boasting high energy efficiency and bio-sustainability, the Gruppo Castiglioni embarked on a path leading to further growth in this sector as well starting from 2009. With the acquisition of S&T Varese Srl, a historic reference brand of the prefabrication industry in Varese, and with the consequent formation of  STV Castiglioni S.r.l., the Group expanded and strengthened its expertise in the design and construction of buildings and structures prefabricated in pre-tensioned reinforced concrete and vibrated reinforced concrete, in addition to prefabricated supporting walls and special elements for major infrastructures.
Today, the intensive development and modernisation plan concerning both design and control systems and production plants (with a new production plant having a covered surface area of over 21,000 square metres), allows the Castiglioni Group to offer its Customers the best technical solutions and the highest quality standards in the prefabricated reinforced concrete sector.