STV Castiglioni S.r.l. offers the Multipiano construction system for building multi-storey industrial, commercial and residential use structures, as well as multi-storey carparks.
The structural mesh requires the use of monolithic columns of varying cross-sections, complete with capitals and up to three floors. The system for coupling and connecting the foundation columns is executed both by grouting the sleeve footings and with an emerging rod system and/or ground anchors prearranged in the foundation. Similarly, this allows the connection of stacked pillars for use with significantly tall buildings.

The beam and block flooring and support for the floors are produced in differentiated cross-sections, such as “I”, and “L” or with a “reverse T”, depending on the structural requirements, with a maximum pull of 1,200 tonnes. The scaffold flooring is produced based on design requirements. The innovative H2H double ribbed sheets with flat intrados and extrados are offered to meet growing aesthetic and technical demands with a reduced thickness of flooring and substrates, and with the availability of vertical shafts to house technical systems.

The H2H sheets create continuous ceilings within the buildings, resulting in continuous, smooth surfaces with low visual impact, without the need for any ceiling panelling.
The upper wings of the sheet and the compartment formed between the vertical ribs simplify the floor installation of the technical systems whose horizontal distribution is made possible by the prearrangement of boreholes in the ribbing.
The Multipiano system can easily be integrated with the Scalar system to build prefabricated rooms and staircases.