Betoncablo S.p.a. is a qualified Enel Distribuzione contractor, also for the electromechanical set-up of MV/LV electrical transformer substations and the work required for their connection to the national grid.
Betoncablo S.p.a. designs and manufactures MV/LV electrical systems and Aux systems to complete all electrical substations supplied. The systems are fitted out and wired directly at the production facility for monoblock substations, and on site for panelled substations. Normally, and depending on specific needs, the following electromechanical equipment can be installed:

  • Medium Voltage Distribution Panels
  • MV/LV Transformers
  • Low Voltage Distribution Panels
  • Auxiliary services panels
  • Command and control panels
  • Inverters
  • UPSs
  • Fixed power factor correction for transformers
  • Automatic power factor correction to re-phase user loads
  • Force-air ventilation or thermostat controlled air conditioning
  • Measurement groups, also with kVA meters on the LV and MV sides
  • Continuous current surge protection
  • Safety and protection devices
  • Meteorological instruments
  • Earthing systems